Fire Alarms Smoke detector

Fire Alarms

We offer professional servicing and installation of fire detection systems

A qualified Tekvision consultant can help you choose a system that meets your needs.   Contact us for a free quote.

3 reasons your business needs a Fire detection system.

  • Fire detection systems are designed to discover fires early enough to ensure the safe evacuation of everyone in the building. They allow for prompt response from emergency response personnel.
  • Property loss can also be reduced and downtime for the operation minimized through early detection because control efforts are started while the fire is still small.
  • Your property insurance carrier may place requirements on you as a condition for coverage or a specific premium level.

Fire Alarm System Testing, Inspection and Maintenance

We expect fire alarm systems to help protect people, property, and assets. But you can’t tell if they’re working correctly just by looking at them.

As with any other system, electronics and other components can degrade over time.  Dust and dirt can cause problems with smoke detectors.  Vandalism, remodeling, and poor maintenance work can also damage fire protection equipment.

You can keep your fire alarm system at optimum operating performance with proper maintenance. Besides ensuring protection, keeping your system in good condition reduces expenses by preventing emergency repairs and costly false alarms.